Silicone Beaded Dog Necklaces Collar by Louie and Pior

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Silicone Beaded Dog Necklaces Collar by Louie and Pior. A Chic Bond Between Pups and Their Fashionable Owners! Embark on a journey of style and connection with our Louie or Pior Silicone Bead Dog Necklaces and Bracelets – a whimsical and creative way to celebrate the bond between furry companions and their fashion-forward owners and daughters. Transform everyday moments into a runway of elegance with these unique accessories.  THE TYPE OF DOG IT FITS IS LISTED IN THE PICTURE TAG AND IT SHOWS THE INCHES OF THE NECK. TO MEASURE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TAPE MEASURE TAKE A STRIPE OF PAPER YOU MIGHT HAVE TO TAPE 2 TOGETHER. PUT IT AROUND YOUR PET’S NECK, AND MARK WITH PEN WHERE THEY MEET. GET A TAPE MEASURE AND MEASURE THE WHERE YOU MARKED AND YOU WILL KNOW THE INCHES. Matching bracelets for MOM or DAD